Combat Tips Edit

  • Jen can frequently avoid combat simply by running past her opponents.
    • The can lead to Jen being mobbed, particularly in Count Raum's Mansion in Aetha.
  • Light fast taps of L2 or R2 to trigger equally light fast combos.
  • The L1 spin move will frequently knock opponents off of their feet, leaving them open to stronger attacks.
    • Also leaves them open to attacks from Jen's occasional allies
      • Jared in the Necropolis
      • The Watcher in the town in Aetha.
      • The Prisoner in the dungeons in Aetha.
  • Fight in human form.
    • Won't waste Life Gems.
    • Jen's human form regenerates energy after a short time of not being struck.
      • If Jen loses all energy in human form Scree can retrieve her from Mortalis by going to a Rift Gate.
      • Rooms with Rift Gates are tailor made for Jen fighting in human form.
        • This works everywhere except Boss Battles(?) and underwater.
      • Simply transitioning to and from a beast form should will put Jen's human form on the verge of healing. Simply repeat as necessary.

Aquis Edit

R1 Block/Parry Edit

This move seems to be the key to underwater combat in Aquis.

  • Block during the long combos of the Aquis Guards.
  • They also seem to attack slowly, with tipoffs when an attack is coming.
  • Once thrown off their game, light quick taps with the right hand controller.

Combat vs the Glarg Edit

The Glarg are the giant crabs.

  • Jen's human form is ideal here.
    • Transform to Ferai and back to give Jen time to heal.
    • Transforming to Undine and back should work as well, if Jen has plenty of Undine energy to deal with any slight losses.
  • Circle relentlessly
    • Strike when the Glarg strikes and misses.

If fighting multiple Glarg maneuver so they're hitting each other! Save lots of Ferai energy.

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