Combat moves from the PS2 game, Primal. Edit

  • Primal Combat, part one by BunnyBoiler72
    • "The combat is probably the weakest element of the game, so mastering the system will not only make all the fights less of a chore, but will avoid wear & tear on your controller - it seems the shoulder buttons weren't designed for button-mashing, and too much will wear them out - they'll start sticking. Not good. The video has been slowed down to make the quicker moves easier to see. The music is by 16volt, and the songs are: Happy Pill, Suffering You & And I Go." - BunnyBoiler72
      • Sticking controller buttons can be helped by a thorough cleaning with rubbing alcohol to remove built-up grime. - Jove the Hacker
      • "I abused the Spin Attack against those ugly fiends in Aetha. Easy and fast win in Jen Form (since they hit hard during her human form)" - HixXxXxiH
        • The Spin Attack (L1) can be used to knock enemies off of precipices for an instant win. The drawback is no corpse to drain for energy. - Jove the Hacker
  • Primal Combat, part two by BunnyBoiler72
    • "Combat moves from the PS2 game, Primal. Songs are: Alkali & Keep Sleeping." - BunnyBoiler72
    • "According to the manual, you're supposed to be able to sneak up on 'em (yeah, right!) and do the finishing move for a one-hit kill. I did it in Aetha, Ferai form, on a Yaag, started mashing buttons as it was climbing down a wall. She pulled out her dagger, and the move itself is pretty much the same as her human finishing move - a downward stab. Nothing special. Probably the same in every form. I think you can see it done in the in-game trailer." - BunnyBoiler72

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