Idle Animations are the animations characters in videogames often carry out when there's been no controller input for a certain length of time, both player and non-player characters.

Jen Edit

  • Human Jen
    • Lean to the side a bit. Right hand on hip. Turn head to the left & right. Standard supermodel posing.
    • Turn head and look at various points. Also in slightly different forms as Wraith, Djinn, Undine Ferai.
  • Human Jen Specials
    • Eases her pants, front and back. Maybe only when alone.
    • Eases her thong underpants, possibly only when alone.
    • Solum: Shivers and hugs herself. Rubs upper arms.
    • Aetha: when dressed for the ball Jen will change from an air of conscious grace to hands on hips and glaring around like a fishwife (relatively speaking).
    • Volca - Waves to the crowd with both hands. Probably a reference to her testing the echo in the first Volca room with "Helloo Volca!"
    • Maybe not an idle animation, but there are places in Solum where Jen's exhalations show up in the frosty air. Standard condensation in cold air trick. Seems to happen when near the river and outside. Makes sense, as the air there would be at the dew point.
  • Ferai Jen -
    • leans forward and inquisitively sniffs the air.
    • Sharper, more alert version of human Jen's looking around.
    • supermodel pose like the human one.
  • Undine Jen - Haven't noticed one so far (he types while unobtrusively starting Primal in the background. Nope, five minutes and no change.)
    • Neither when underwater nor at the surface. Only enough movement to stay afloat.
    • When standing in shallow water... does look around a bit by turning her head. Seems different from the similar human Jen idle animation. No supermodel posing.
  • Wraith Jen - Slightly different version of turning head to look around. Still the supermodel pose, too. Nothing else new.
  • Djinn Jen - Supermodel posing. Turning her head to look around. Nothing new.

Scree Edit

  • Sneeze and wipe nose (and he's a statue).
    • Turn the camera low and to Scree's front. He blinks his eyes and scrunches up his nose afterwards like his sinuses are bothering him.
  • Hands on hips. Stern look. Tap foot impatiently.
  • Tilt head and look off to his left/right.
  • Hero pose, corresponding to Jen's supermodel pose.
    • Stand up straight, shoulders back, etc.

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