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  • Some great concept art of Primal 2 you've found! I really appreciate that, how did you find them? Also, what do you make of this: Pretty interesting creature, right? Perhaps that part of the game was removed from the final release? Looks like Jen is riding a creature from Solum. Would have been good to have had a riding section.

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    • The group was open, so I could view all content, however, I joined anyway as I rarely use tumblr compared to Facebook. I saw that you'd mentioned the Primal wiki on the group :) it most definitely is open to all contributors at the moment, perhaps I shall reiterate this.

      I see what you mean about applying the translation to the comic and agree that the best thing to do currently is to keep our eyes peeled for the actual English version. I wonder how many languages it was translated into? I've had success contacting game industry people in the past, especially composers, who are often very happy to have a little chat about their work, even if it was decades ago. A few have sent me some music files they've kept around too. So, I wouldn't be too hesitant about contacting the translator, but yeah - it's up to you. :)

      Posting the unofficial translation of the novel on the wiki has the go-ahead with me. I wouldn't worry too much about the unnatural translation at first, it could act a draft, one which could be touched up and altered by us later.

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    • Ah, good. :D I wasn't sure if you had a Facebook or not, so I didn't know if you would be able to see the content.

      I assume it had to be a lot of languages if we got a translation as well. :D One old article even claims that a special presentation and a party was held in promotion for the game! 

      I'll see if I can muster up the courage, hahaha. :D

      Sounds good! I'll upload it here once I get it done. :)

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