Order vs Chaos Edit

Order Versus Chaos: The entire premise of Primal.

  • Arella was the literal personification of order, and is explicitly named to be so. Her polar opposite is Abbadon, who has begun to rock the boat. As she has lost her army previously, Arella decides to call in some outside help. More examples within Primal
    • Two soundtracks, Orchestral vs Industrial music.
    • Jen (Chaotic Good) vs Scree (Lawful Neutral)'
    • Scree is stone, ordered and immutable. Jen is organic, chaotic and volatile.
    • In the opening cutscene Jen is planning to bring more order into her life by going to college instead of remaining a waitress.
    • Jen does most of the combat. When Scree does battle, his style is more orderly. Jen's combos seem more chaotic.
    • Jen's sympathetic comment early about Abaddon, "Sounds like he's doin' his job, creatin' chaos."
    • The demonic attack in the opening cutscene introduces trauma, chaos, to the orderly function of Jen's being. Restoration of order to her body is tied to restoration of order to Oblivion.
    • Aquis, the Realm of Water, is a stronghold for Order. Odd, for a chaotic-seeming element. But the Undine cannot naturally live in that realm. The water is naturally poisonous to them. Order is forced on the element in the form of giant filtration stations which remove the taint.

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