This wiki is about the video game Primal.


The Wiki was Started on the 28 December, 2007 by Kidfury (now under the administrative control of Benxander) and has since slowly grown into a encyclopaedic database regarding everything to do with the PS2 videogame, Primal.

This wiki is dedicated to collecting all the information related to the game. You will find both character bios and articles detailing the locations and races of the Primal gamespace.

Unfortunately, during stages of user inactivity the wiki had fallen into disrepair, however as of February 2013, the wiki has been spruced up and has been given a new lick of paint - new formatting, new themes and a wiki overhaul are currently under-way.


We're looking for more contributors all the time, so if you think you can provide any more information, please don't feel afraid to do so.

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