Primal Quotes Edit

  • "Okay, go ahead! That's a fine statue... a lovely glow." - Jen when Scree first brags of his ability to possess statues outside the Great Temple in Solum.
    • "Yeah, okay. That was quite impressive. A rock of many talents." - Jen after Scree possess/disposses the statue to gain entrance to the Great Temple in Solum.
  • "Whut, ya don't think I kin act like a ladee? Well howdee then." - Jen in response to Scree's reverse psychology in Count Raum's changing room.
  • "Apart from locking me in a box full of spikes and blades where the slightest movement draws blood, no, hesbeentheperfecthost!" - Jen while still locked in Count Raum's iron maiden. (The final words in the quote are run together to reflect the delivery of the line.)
  • Jen says "Eeew, what's that smell?" Scree replies, "Yes uh... well, uh... that's one of the hazards of turning to stone when there are uh... creatures like Malkai around."
  • "I've been ill" is Jen's short reply to Count Raum's questioning her lack of girth.
  • "Just couldn't resist a peek, huh?" when Scree comments "Um, I believe that item is worn the other way up." Jen's voice borders on girlish glee.

Quotes about Primal Edit

  • Unflinching Review at Total Playstation by Sam Bishop
    • "Primal is, in many ways, a perfect example of what familiarity with hardware, ample time spent in development, and a strong cast can offer in the way of interactive entertainment. It's also a shining example of what happens when a game is pushed out just a bit to early to catch some glaring bugs that could for many end the gaming experience before it ever has a chance to take hold. It's this interesting balance of digital beauty, of ugliness, of order and chaos - the very elements the game is based upon - that makes Primal such a mixed package."
  • 123 Games with Untapped Franchise Potential by Games Radar. "The best games that never got the sequels they deserved."
    • Primal is number 66: "While it could be argued that Primal got a spiritual sequel in the form of the excellent adventure game/blatant Ghostbusters ripoff Ghosthunter, we never again got to see petulant tattooed heroine Jen, her gargoyle sidekick Scree or the element-themed worlds they visited. Metroid already proved that there’s huge franchise potential in female characters who have to change into different forms to navigate weird alien worlds, so why does Primal remain a stand-alone, long-forgotten gem?"

- Apr 30, 2009

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