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Primal for Playstation 2


The Primal screencaps at seem to be from the highest resolution possible, 480p. While this gives a much better idea of the graphics goodness available from Primal than the usual NTSC screencaps, the lossy JPEG compression takes the edge off of some of the finest Primal moments.

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Articles referencing the character of Jennifer "Jen" TateEdit

  • Demon Girl Power: regimes of form and force in Primal and Buffy - PDF file, 2004.
  • "WomenGamers.Com" Digital Women - Jennifer Tate of Primal, March 8, 2004
    • "Jen is one of the most well written developed [digital women] in the action genre, if not the gaming industry. You don't have trouble believing for one moment that she is the girlfriend of a punk rocker who has been sucked into this incredibly abnormal situation. She is also not a set of boobs attached to arms and legs." - Razoras
  • 10 Best Female Game Characters, January 27, 2009.
    • "1. Jennifer Tate – Primal Playing through Primal was a revelation for me – Jen was like my video game alter ego. She’s smart, sarcastic, gentle when she needs to be, and tough when she needs to be. When faced with a heart-wrenching truth at the end of the game, her emotions are the most realistic I’ve ever seen in a game."


  • Solum Part 5 by Annse84 in HQ. Part of Annse84's video walkthrough of Primal. Lacks the color and fire of video over component cables using progressive scan.
    • To get an idea of how good Primal can look watch Annse84's Primal *Intro* (1/2) in HD.
      • That's with youtube's dubious quality and suboptimal viewing conditions (A glowing white border around an image is bad for viewers.)
  • Primal 5-3 "Cheap Fire Wall" by Rain1024. Part of Rain1024's video walkthrough of Primal.
  • Primal video review on youtube. Posted to youtube on May 4, 2009. Not bad for a six year old game with no organized following.

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