Rift Gates are Stargate like structures used as a travel network in Oblivion. Rift Gates within a Realm can be used to travel back to the Nexus, or to any other Rift Gate in the Realm that Jen or Scree have previously visited.

Nexus Edit

In the Nexus, the Rift Gates to the Elemental Realms are set at the four cardinal points of the compass, as follows

  • North - Aquis - water - Symbol in the Nexus is a trident
  • South - Volca - Fire - Symbol in the Nexus is a bowl of fire.
  • East - Aetha - Air - Symbol in the Nexus is a spearpoint with secondary spearpoints to either side.
  • West - Solum - Earth - Symbol in the Nexus is a "u" shape, wiht tips curved to the right.

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