Tarot Card

Back of a card

Tarot cards are collectable items in Primal.


Elemental correspondences between Tarot cards, the Four Elements, cardinal directions, etc.

The Rift Gates to the Elemental Realms are set at the four cardinal points of the compass, as follows

  • North - Aquis - water - Symbol in the Nexus is a trident
  • South - Volca - Fire - Symbol in the Nexus is a bowl of fire.
  • East - Aetha - Air - Symbol in the Nexus is a Spike
  • West - Solum - Earth - Symbol in the Nexus is a "u" shape, with tips curved to the right.

The game gallery of the tarot cards has the first column as pentacles, second as cups, third as swords, fourth as wands.

Roman numerals are the numbers assigned to that card in the Major Arcana. The Fool is assigned a number of zero. There is no Roman numeral for zero.

The Tarot Deck Edit

Ace of Cups - Undine Aspect Ace of Pentacles - Ferail Aspect Ace of Swords - Wraith Aspect Ace of Wands - Djinn Aspect
Justice - Chronos King of Cups - Adaro King of Pentacles - Herne King of Swords - Raum
King of Wands - Iblis Knight of Cups - Glakk Knight of Pentacles - Jared Knight of Swords - Elizabeth
Knight of Wands - Goliath Queen of Cups - Aino Queen of Pentacles - Devena Queen of Swords - Empusa
Queen of Wands - Malikel Strength - Scree The Devil - Belahzur The emperor - Abaddon
The Empress - Arella The fool - Jen The hanged man - Watcher The Hermit - Shaman
The Hierophant - Lewis The Lovers - Jen Lewis The Star - Abdizur The Tower - Nexus