Primal Trailers Edit

Primal Trailer on Edit

  • Cinematic montage 1:18
  • Quicktime 4.6Mb Downloadable
  • Music is 'Keep Sleeping' (aka 'Fell Too Easy') by 16Volt.

'Keep Sleeping' Video

Lyrics sample:

Fell too easy
Someones own is all alone
Fell too easy
Someone grows into a stone"

Primal Trailer 1 from GameSpot. Edit

  • Solum 1:40
  • Downloadable
  • Hi-Res Quicktime 22.1 MB
  • primal_0127_t111.mpeg Lo-Res Mpeg 18.5MB
  • Music is 'And I Go' by 16Volt, from the official combat soundtrack.
  • Lyrics to 'And I Go'


"There are two sides to me
Sometimes I set the Evil One free
'Cause I'm in love with the Devil
And She's in love with me."


Primal Trailer 2 from GameSpot. Edit

  • Aquis, Aetha & Volca 3:24 Downloadable
  • High-Res Quicktime 44.7MB
  • primal_0127_t297.mpeg Lo-Res Mpeg 37.7MB
  • Music is 'Alkali' (aka See through me) by 16Volt, from the official combat soundtrack.
  • Lyrics


"See through me
(nothing ever makes it through)
See through me
(even though i promised it)"


YouTube User-created Media.Edit

Primal - Bring Me to Life, 3:52Edit

  • by Peter147,
  • added February 03, 2007
  • Music: "Bring Me To Life (Wake Me Up Inside)" by Evanescence
  • Lyrics
  • Video

This music might have been written for Primal. Jen is, after all, spoiler:[ actually dying in an intensive care unit]. (Select text to read spoiler.)

Should this video ever be removed from Youtube, please leave in this link as a reminder of how appropriate the music is.

Primal - Somewhere I Belong 3:44Edit

  • by SweetPaige,
  • Added: April 30, 2007
  • Music: 'Somewhere I Belong' by Linkin Park



"This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by WMG."

This link left in as a reminder that "Somewhere I Belong" by Linkin Park is great music for Primal.

Primal - Animal I Have Become 3:37Edit

  • From: IWantAHippo4Xmas
  • Added: February 22, 2007
  • Music: 'Animal I Have Become' by Three Days Grace



This video has been removed for terms of use violation.

Never-the-less, "Animal I Have Become" by Three Days Grace is great music for almost any Primal video.

This link left in as a reminder of that.

Primal - Look At Us Now Edit

Now for something completely different: "Look at Us Now"

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