Game Help Edit

Jen won't change to demon form Edit

She's probably out of the energy needed for that particular form. Press Start to go to the map screen. Icons for Jen and Scree will appear on the left.

The circle next to Jen's image shows her energy status. It will be subdivided equally for each demon form she's acquired so far. For instance, once Jen has learned the Undine form in Aquis it will be split into two half-circles. The half-circles will show the energy remaining for the green (Ferai) and blue (Undine) forms.

If there's no blue, then Jen cannot change into Undine form due to lack of energy.

Either get more energy, reload an earlier save, or use the procedure outlined in the next section.

Stuck! Edit

There are many ways to get stuck in Primal. Poor judgement, bad luck, or simple bugs and glitches.

The usual solution is to load an earlier save. For those without the good fortune to have a good recent save, SCEE Cambridge developed a unique workaround.

At the Main Menu go to: bonus materials->scene select This not only lets you view cutscenes that have been unlocked. The gameplay then takes up where that cutscene ends.

Cutscenes are unlocked when experienced during gameplay. So this cannot be used to jump ahead in the game. The main drawback to this method of continuing is Jen will have only one Energy Gem. If you've been assiduously collecting them this can be a great loss. Sometimes suiciding and running to a Rift Gate using Scree can also function as a workaround.

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