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  • Benxander

    The following page contains a number of articles created by User:Jove the Hacker which are not encyclopaedic in nature, and thus were tagged with the Delete template for a lengthy period; deletion of articles such as these are currently part of a project to clean up the wiki.

    Rather than delete the material entirely (as I believe it would be a shame to delete another person's content entirely from the wiki when so much work has gone into said content), I have grouped them here under my own personal blog, as their content suits the format of a wiki blog better (Note: I believe these articles were created before a blog feature existed on wikia). They are grouped under my blog posts, for I am unable to divide them into another user's wikia blo…

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  • Benxander

    Previous monthly polls

    November 9, 2013 by Benxander

    The following is a list of polls that have featured on the main page. You can continue to vote here.

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